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Leading Steel Scarifier Cutters Manufacturers in China

Keenly Tools Co., Limited (Keenly) is one of the prominent steel scarifier cutters manufacturers in China. The quality of our steel scarifiers and smooth working make our organization the most demanding in China and overseas too. Keenly was established back in the year 2000. We have experienced, professional and expert staff of engineers. We are engaged in the production and preparation of road surface products.

Our main products include scarifier cutter, machine and drum. We currently are operating at a monthly output capacity of 200,000 pieces. We produce and sell our products including steel scarifier cutters in markets outside China as well. Our international customers reside in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Canada, Europe and the US.

Our foreign clients show trust in us by sharing positive feedback. Their constructive feedback propels us to push ourselves to improve and do more. Both local and international clients find our products relevant to their intended applications. Steel scarifier is also a kind of drilling machine or surface planer. Steel scarifiers are used for surface preparation machines that remove concrete in quick time and extra aggressively compared to concrete grinders.

They cut, plane or scar the surface through pummeling action of the cutting wheels (made up of hardened steel or tungsten carbide). The wheels are mounted on the removable drum, which rotates at very high speed.

The multi-tipped cutters or flails resemble small hammers which continuously pound the surface, break small chips made up of concrete for producing a rough profile. The cutter vertically influences the surface. Vertically impact helps to attack any lip or high spot to reduce it to a lower level of the adjacent floor.

Top-Notch Steel Scarifier Cutters Manufacturing

All steel scarifier cutters manufacturers offer the number of shafts per drum that differ by model. As a generic rule, the more shafts a steel scarifier has, the faster the rate of production and the higher the scarifying action. On the other hand, scarifier machine are used to remove concrete quickly and aggressively compared to grinders. The reason is due to scarifiers fast pummeling action of the cutting wheels which revolves at high speeds. The flails are mounted on shafts on the removable drum. The amount of cutter shafts per drum varies by model. However, machines in general, having more shafts can hold more cutters per loading for enhanced scarifying action and quick production rates. Scarifiers offered in numerous styles to suit different applications. Different grades of cutters are also provided

We acquire tungsten carbide and cobalt metal from renowned factories. Also, we offer temperature quenching guarantee for stability. Also, you can have larger and smaller scarifier equipment as per your choice from various size. Our salient tools are KL-320 GT and KL-250 GT scarifier device.

To operate the scarifier is simple as it runs at one speed. Also, the scarifier equipment can be moved manually or through self-propulsion. The depth of the cut can be controlled and adjusted through the operator based upon the equality which needs to be removed. The adjustment can be done through hydraulic action, crank or spring handle.

For providing the best products to our customers, keenly has gathered a proficient workforce having enough experience for the implementation of the standardized production system. Our manufacturing system is in accordance with internationally accepted standards.

We have gathered a highly flexible manufacturing capacity along with product development. We are entirely capable of offering OEM and ODM service to our clients. Under our production system, our R&D professionals work together with buyers for the fulfilment of personalized scarifiers as per their provided design, samples or operational parameters. So, if you are shortlisting reliable steel scarifier cutters manufacturers, keenly can easily be on top of that list.

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